BREXIT - What does this mean for EU Citizens and their family members?

Trump - USA to make acquiring permanent residence much harder.

At present the UK is still governed by EU law.   Until the regulations to leave the European Union are triggered the Home Office and the Court system are required to implement European law.   A tentative date of March 2019 has been scheduled for the trigger of these regulations therefore up until that date all European nationals and their family members may still benefit from the greater freedom of movement afforded to European member states.
The UK government are planning to limit or outright deny the rights of European Citizens and their family members once we have departed from the European zone.  Measures are currently being drafted to limit the number of European nationals and the work that they are allowed to undertake at present.  It is expected that the rights of European Citizens after Brexit are more likely to mirror the rights of all foreign nationals who wish to enter or remain in the UK.   The current laws for foreign nationals who wish to seek entry clearance or remain in the UK are extremely complex, strict and expensive, with a minimum Home Office/NHS fee for applying currently standing at approximately £1500 per person.  Any additional person would be charged the same fee so an application for a family of four would be a minimum of £6000 without any legal fees or additional costs.   In contrast a family of four applicants applying to enter the UK based on European law would cost £260 in terms of Home Office fees.
In summary our advice is that anyone who is able to apply under European regulations should do so at the earliest opportunity as the clock is ticking and once Brexit has been triggered then all future applicants will be subject to new laws designed to make entry or the right to remain extremely difficult.
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Despite the furore surrounding Brexit, it appears that the UK may be a little more appealing to start a new life after Trump announced several policy measures to obstruct those wishing to enter the USA or remain where they are currently undocumented. Trump’s proposal include limiting the number of Green Cards offered, which is the scheme allowing foreign nationals a chance of moving to the USA for work, with a view to acquiring permanent residence and eventually Citizenship.  Trump has recently announced the scrapping of the policy drafted under Obama’s presidency which afforded the chance for child migrants who are undocumented to be allowed to defer their removal/deportation. This policy has been referred to as almost Amnesty-like in its structure and would have benefited children who had been brought to the UK and had established their lives with no resolution to their immigration status.  
The policy of those who currently have a Green Card and wish to acquire Permanent Residence is also under review.
Therefore the fate of all people in the USA who presently do not have Citizenship, including Green Card holders, workers, students, undocumented adults and children is unclear but looks like it will take a turn for the worse under the Trump administration.  
The short duration of the Trump administration has also seen the ban on foreign nationals from certain countries including nations making up the Middle East and looks to be extending to anyone trying to acquire a Green Card.
In light of the above, it seems that the UK may be an attractive place to build a new life, in comparison to the US, if one is looking for a more certain and settled future.
If you feel that this article may relate to your situation please give the office a call on 0207 609 1155 to discuss your options.

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